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Hereke rug carpet

  • Carpet ID: 5176
  • Size (ft): 5'0'' x 3'1''
  • Size (cm): 153 x 95
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Exclusive Hereke rug wool carpet with Ottoman designs from Turkey. Finest knots quality with natural dyes. This rug is an exceptional top quality hereke carpet.

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Characteristics of this Hereke rug carpet

Exclusive Hereke rug wool carpet with Ottoman designs from Turkey. Finest knots quality with natural dyes. This rug is an exceptional top quality hereke carpet.

Warp: Cotton
Thickness: 6mm approx.
Pile: Wool
Origin: Turkey
Manufacturing: Knotted by hand
Knotting Time (Circa): 6 months
Knot density per m2: approx. 400,000 - 500,000
Age: Contemporary (new - not used)

Additional Information

History of Hereke rugs

Hereke rugs have a long and spectacular history of being the absolute best of Turkish rugs. Originating in Hereke, located on Izmit Bay near Istanbul, these rugs were prized by the Ottoman Emperor, Sultan Abdulmecid. In 1843, he founded the Hereke Imperial Factory so that there would always be the highest quality rugs, fabrics, upholstery, and curtains for the Ottoman Empire. Sultan Abdulmecid also set up a carpet-making workshop in his palace so that Hereke weavers could create carpets for him. Unfortunately, in 1878 rug production stopped because the factory burned down in a great fire. Five years later the production of Hereke rugs was re-established in what is now the high school in the city.

Hereke rugs were originally the rugs of the nobility and of royalty. They were given as gifts to the royal families of many countries. Hereke was also a place for royalty to visit and those from other countries were interested in helping the people of Hereke in the art of carpet making. Kaiser Wilhelm gave Hereke scientific equipment so that they could learn more and improve the technique with which they made the rugs. He also gave them new dyes that were more vibrant than the ones they has traditionally used.

Hereke rugs are very unique

Hereke rugs are very unique. They are a mixture of traditional Turkish designs and the designs of Persia and Mameluke Egypt. Many of the designs were created to satisfy Western European tastes.

The rugs are made from 100% pure wool or 100% silk and are very detailed in their designs. They are also made with a high volume of knots, one million per square meter, and are hand-knotted to ensure the quality of the rug. Each rug is unique and Hereke rugs tend to display floral patterns and designs that include plum blossoms, tulips, carnations, and roses.

Today's Hereke

Today, Hereke is the location of the School of Carpet Weaving where students can learn to master the fine art that has been handed down for generations. In addition to this, people are now hired on contract for the Hereke Imperial Factory and are given the supplies with which to weave carpets in their own homes. This has given the people of Hereke a good income and the city has prospered over the past two centuries.

Our Hereke are authentic from Hereke city

CarpetView.com has sourced out the finest examples of Hereke rugs made today. We have gone to the weavers of Hereke and acquired exceptional pieces. Each of our Hereke rugs are handmade with the greatest skill and with 100% natural materials.

We have a three-phase quality assurance check to ensure that every rug is the very best and we also go to the weavers themselves to get our carpets. We won’t trust anyone else to source out the carpets we sell.

What makes this Hereke carpet so special?

This hand-knotted wool Hereke carpet is the best quality Turkish Hereke carpet. Best quality means finest double-knots (around 500,000 knots per square meter - or 25 Knots per Square Inch KPSI), naturally dyed wool and traditional design.

Read more about how wool is naturally dyed

What is special about this rug?

This is a quality handmade rug that has 100% natural materials. Unlike machine made rugs, manufacturing good quality handmade rugs requires special skills and is extremely time consuming.

Read more about the Steps of Rugs manufacturing

Each carpet is unique and handmade

All carpets listed in CarpetView.com are unique pieces and are all handmade. Depending on the rug, this means it is either hand-knotted (with knots), hand-weaved (for flatweaved rugs) or hand embroidered (for soumaks and suzanis).

Best Quality & Best Price Guaranteed - No middle-men

CarpetView has nearly 40 years of experience in providing the highest quality handmade rugs. We source our rugs directly from the weavers cancelling any third party and middle-men. That is why we can guarantee you the the best quality rugs at best prices. We bring you unbeatable savings of up to 70% off retail prices on every Oriental rug in our inventory.

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