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About Turkoman rugs & Turkmen carpets


Turkoman rugs, once known as Afghan rugs or Bukhara rugs, are commonly referred to as Turkmen rugs. These rugs have their origins in Afghanistan and made their way into Turkey with Afghan immigrants who brought the carpets with them and sold them in the Turkish markets. It wasn’t long before these rugs were being made in Turkey. The Turkish people wove the rugs with the slight variation of adding a double knot weave instead of the original single knot weave.

Turkoman rugs are made from 100% pure wool and are a type of Nomadic rug made by tribes in Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, and northeastern Iran. These tribes include the Salor, Saryk, Tekke, Youmut, Arabchi, Chodor, and Ersari tribes. These rugs tend to have a background that is red or redish-brown in colour and they have geometric shapes. The shape that is unique to the Turkoman rugs is the gul, which is an octagonal motif that is used all over the Turkoman rugs. There are generally smaller guls that are placed between larger guls in a repeating pattern. These guls are repeated in rows and made in colours such as white, beige, blue, and black.

It is believed by many that the word gul comes from the Turkish word for family or tribe and that each tribe had their own distinctive gul. As the tribes warred throughout history and defeated each other the victors would incorporate the gul of the defeated tribe into their own rug making. Today the different tribes simply use each other’s guls in their weaving and there is no restriction on the use of the guls.

There is another, less frequently used design in Turkoman rugs that is known as the hatchli design. This design is used on the Ensi rug. Ensi rugs were originally used to cover the door of the nomad’s tents and the hatchli design is a large cross that divides the background of the rug into four parts. All of these sections have the same pattern or motif and a common one is the menorah.

At CarpetView.com we have the finest Turkoman rugs that we have sourced out directly from the weavers. These rugs are hand-woven and hand-knotted with 100% pure wool and natural dyes. We put each rug through three quality assurance tests to ensure they are the absolute best. These tests occur when we purchase the rugs from the weaver, when we photograph it and put it into storage, and before we ship it to the customer. Every rug is also completely unique. There just aren’t two rugs that are the same and this gives each room decorated with these Turkoman rugs a unique look.